2016 Building Capital: Investing in the Future of Health Education

2016 Arkansas SOPHE Conference
2016 Keynote Speaker
Stephanie Johnson, Cornerstone Training and Consulting (Atlanta, GA)

Building a competitive advantage for the future of health education will require a range of innovative and strategic cross-cutting capital investments. In the changing world of healthcare, health promotion researchers and practitioners must re-think ways to preserve and optimize financial resources, explore new sources of funding, and demonstrate a return on investment. We must strengthen our political capital with key decision makers in the public and private enterprises that influence health of individuals and communities. We must expand our inter-professional capital in working across disciplines and our social capital to engage and empower populations in effecting change. This scientific conference will expand the knowledge capital and skills of our health promotion workforce, one of the most powerful and promising investments for effective research and practice in 2016 and beyond! 

With the demand for health education becoming more obvious, AR SOPHE aims to provide innovate training and insight to aid in supporting the health community. Come learn more about health education leadership in the 21st century, collaboration and collective impact in the changing health environment, health education barriers within the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTQI) community, as well as, gun violence as a public health and health education issue.

Through her corporate social responsibility programs, 
Good Enough Now, Jessica frames even difficult subjects in an engaging and welcoming way. As a professional speaker with over ten years of experience, her expertise earned her the Certified Speaking Professional designation from the National Speakers
 Association, a designation held by fewer than 800 people world-wide. Whether she provides a motivational keynote, an in-depth workshop, facilitates group interaction, or frames an entire conference as emcee, Jessica brings humor, a high level understanding of adult learning, and an ability to engage participants and encourage them to engage with each other. Through teaching, writing, and facilitating tough conversations, Jessica has figured out how to BE the change she wants to BE.

Social Justice: Step One – Knowing What You Don't Know

Health care access, serving students, and working within our community is incredibly important work. To best do this work, we need to know who we are, what we bring to the table, and what we don't know. Join in for a lively conversation to uncover what we don’t know, and how step one is asking the right questions of ourselves and listening to others.