Employment Opportunities

Public Information Officer:

This health educator type of position is open in Southwest Region of Arkansas.

The Public Information Officer position has been re-advertised and posted on www.arstatejobs.com. It expires on 10/19/18. This is the Hometown Health “Rural Health Specialist” position. Please share with anyone who might be interested. If you have friends in Clark, Columbia, Lafayette, Little River, Miller, or Nevada Counties, please consider sharing on your Facebook page or other professional sites you may use.


Position No.: 22076733

Class Code: P027C

Grade: GS06

Starting salary: $36,155

Background check required? Yes

Job Type: Full Time

Job City: Arkadelphia, Texarkana (per listing, but see below)

Job County/Region: Clark, Miller (per listing, but see below)

Contact Information: Elizabeth Myers, Phone: 501-661-2439, Email: elizabeth.j.myers@arkansas.gov


The person hired will educate the public and provide support and technical assistance to county health coalitions in a 4-5 county area to help create healthier communities.


The ideal candidate would have a degree and/or experience in Health Education or a related field; knowledge in coalition building, sustainability, and technical support of (Hometown Health) coalitions; knowledge of best practices in health education; knowledge of public health initiatives in the state; knowledge of valid data resources; knowledge of language usage for writing and speaking purposes; and proficient presentation, facilitation, computer, and technical writing skills.


The job involves extensive travel in the southwest region of the state so reliable transportation is a must. Frequent public speaking and presentations on health topics to community groups will be required. There will be occasional after-hour meetings.


The person hired will be stationed in a Southwest Region health unit closest to their home, if possible. The coverage area will be determined based on where the person lives and could include any of these counties: Clark, Columbia, Lafayette, Little River, Miller, Nevada, Pike, and possibly others.