Executive Council

Kaye Murry, President
ADH-HHI Coordinator

Angela Dugger, Past President
ADH-Public Health Educator

Taniesha Richardson, President Elect

Anna Haver, Vice-President
ADH-Public Health Educator

Barbie Brunner, Nat’l Delegate
UAMS-Patient Education

Misty Paschall, Secretary
ADH-HHI Statewide Coordinator

Janie Gannaway, Treasurer
UAMS-Media Specialist

Kim Miller, Historian
ADH-Public Health Educator

Jennifer Goodman , Mbr at Large
ADH-Public Health Educator

Dana Smith, Member at Large
UAMS-Patient Education

Misty Smith, Member at Large
UAMS-Cancer Research Center

Marion Evans, Member at Large
ADH- Public Health Educator


President's Column
Kaye Murry, CHES

Happy New Year to all fellow Arkansas SOPHE members!  I am really excited about being President this year.  It is going to be an exciting year with the Spring Into Wellness conference in February.  I want to encourage everyone to attend the conference and yes get involved in the work in preparing for this conference.  Dana Smith will be happy to hear from everyone who would like to assist.  We will also be doing something fun again for APHA similar to Jail ARSOPHE members we did last year.  That was fun and raised a lot of money for ARSOPHE.  We just did the Toys For Tots in December and bought toys for three children.  It was so much fun shopping for these children!  Thank you to all who donated and participated in making someone else have a happy Christmas!  The joy of giving if far better than receiving. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank some of the outgoing officers.  Angela Dugger did an outstanding job as President last year.  Thank you Angela for your dedication last year to making Arkansas SOPHE the great chapter it is.  Thank you also to Lauren Barnes for serving as secretary for two years.  Thanks to Lauren everyone received notice of ARSOPHE meetings, minutes were kept, and in general Lauren was the communication network.  Thank you Lauren for doing such a great job!  And thanks also to a few other behind the scenes Executive Council members of 2000-2001;  Deedra Smith (Past President), Lisa Weaver (Historian), Sue Porbeck (Member at Large).  I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone.  Last year was a great year for AR SOPHE thanks to these out-going officers as well as those still serving an office. 

If anyone has any ideas on meeting times and places please contact me.   Or if you have any ideas on projects for AR SOPHE please contact me. 

Our next AR SOPHE meeting is January 14, 2002, at 11:00 at UAMS on the 8th floor, meeting room #3.  I hope you will all try to come.  We will have reports on the Spring Into Wellness 2002 conference so we really need everyone there. 


Kaye Murry

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National Delegates Report
By Barbie Brunner, MEd, CHES



CDCynergy, an interactive CD-ROM program, is a training and decision support tool designed to help public health professionals systematically plan communication programs.  Developed by CDC, it’s designed to offer a collection of “best practices” for health communication.  The software is being distributed free with the recommendation that users receive a one-day training workshop.  A CDCynergy pre-conference workshop was offered at the 2001 annual meeting.

During 2001, CDCynergy has been developing specialized versions for immunizations, tobacco, and cardiovascular disease.  National SOPHE, in partnership with CDC, will be working to disseminate this program by training professionals in each state.  To establish a network of trainers, each local SOPHE chapter has been given the opportunity to send a representative to Atlanta, February 21-22, 2002, to attend the CDCynergy training.  Jacquie Rainey, DrP.H., CHES has been selected to attend from Arkansas SOPHE.   We look forward to adding this resource as a potential workshop topic.

To learn more about CDCynergy go to the CDC website.

Welcome, to our new SOPHE members:

Erika Kirkland
Teresa Henson  
Jacquie Rainey

Arkansas SOPHE Health Education Conference
“Spring into Wellness”
February 28 - March 1, 2002
Holiday Inn Select
Little Rock, Arkansas

“Spring Into Wellness” at the Arkansas SOPHE Health Education Conference February 28 - March 1, 2002.  Arkansas SOPHE will host an exciting health education conference targeted toward health education professionals in the medical, community and school settings. Numerous topics will be discussed during the conference including smoking cessation, diabetes education, cardiovascular health, coalition building, materials development, grant writing and many more.

Registration Fee:               

$75 Full Registration 

CEUs Offered : Application has been made to offer the following continuing education contact hours:

-Prevention Specialists
-Registered Dietitians
-Certified Health Education Specialists
-Certified Public Health Educators
-Registered Nurses
-Social Workers
-School Personnel

For further information regarding the conference or for on-line registration, go to Arkansas SOPHE Health Education Conference.   For a registration brochure, please contact Dana Smith, Conference Chair, at (501) 686-8084 or  The deadline for registration is February 15, 2002 and space is limited, so register now!

We also have space available for exhibits.  If your organization wishes to exhibit, please contact Taniesha Richardson at 501-280-4813 or

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Arkansas SOPHE Honorary / Distinguished Fellow Award

by Dana Smith, MS, CHES

 DEADLINE:  Wednesday, February 6, 2002

Nominations are now being accepted for the Honorary and Distinguished Fellow Awards.   These awards are given by Arkansas SOPHE to health educators that have made significant contributions to the profession.   We all know of individuals that are worthy of this award, so I encourage everyone to consider nominating someone.  


If you are interested in receiving a nomination form, please contact Dana Smith at (501) 753-4840 or  The awards will be given out at the Arkansas SOPHE Health Education Conference on February 28, 2002.

Criteria for Nomination:

  1. The contributions should be such that they are generally recognized as highly significant by health educators.

  2. Letters of nomination should describe the nominee's attributes,

  3. Emphasis should be placed on the accomplishments of the nominee and not on his/her position or educational background.

Nomination requirements:

  1. An individual must be a member of  Arkansas SOPHE to be nominated for the Distinguished Fellow Award.

  2. Nominees for the Honorary Fellow Award are not required to be a member of Arkansas SOPHE.  He/she must be an advocate and friend to the field of Health Education.

  3. Submission of a nominee must be from an Arkansas SOPHE member.

  4. The completed nomination form should be attached along with two letters of recommendation and returned by Wednesday, February 6, 2002.

** If nominees meet the criteria, they will be considered by the awards committee for recommendation.

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   Anyone who needs to change their address, phone number, or e-mail needs to let Marian Evans know so she can update the SOPHE membership roster.


  • "Spring Into Wellness" Conference Preparation/Planning
  • Initiation of 501c3 status
  • $250 scholarship for continuing education in the field of Health Education awarded to Marian Evans
  • Sponsorship of national speaker,Donna Yutzy at APHA
  • Launching of SOPHE Webpage
  • Design and distribution of SOPHE’s first T-shirts
  • We provided Christmas presents for several children on the Angel Tree at Park Plaza
  •  Raised money for SOPHE with a unique fund raiser at APHA called "Jail the Candidates"

Arkansas SOPHE “Spring Into Wellness” 1st Annual Conference- Feb.28, March 1, 2002

Arkansas Public Health Association Annual Meeting- May 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Mid South Prevention Institute Workshops

  • Realistic Expectations for Children’s Behavior- January 25

  • The Logic of Prevention Programming-February 27
  • Unlocking Parent Power for Prevention- March 14
  • Identifying, Approaching, and Cultivating Grant Funders-March 22
  • Program Evaluation- April 3
  • Engaging Arkansas’s Hispanic Population- May 1
  • Cultural Competence for Prevention Professionals-May 7

For more information or to register call (501) 569-3067 

Dates To Remember

  • February 28, March 1, 2002- SOPHE Conference
  • April 20, 2002- CHES Exam
  • May 1-3, 2002- APHA

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Join Arkansas SOPHE


The mission of the Arkansas SOPHE Chapter of the Society for Public Health Education is to promote, encourage and contribute to the advancement of the health of all people through education and to enhance professionalism through the standards of professional preparation and practice of health education.


  • To influence health policies and programs in which there should be identifiable health education component

  • To develop standards for the professional preparation and practice of health education

  • To encourage high quality practice through professional development, continuing education and training
  • To stimulate research in health education programs and methods, including evaluation
  • To assure that a mechanism for credentialing health educators exists and that it is used properly
  • To increase career opportunities for health educators
  • To maintain effective liaisons with other organizations having allied interests in health education
  • To encourage the development/implementation of multi-strategy health education programs in schools, communities and work-sites.


Individual - Individual membership is open to any professional with a graduate or undergraduate degree from a formal health education program or a professional who is employed or functioning in a health education capacity or an individual with professional education and experience as a health educator, who has been employed in the health field for at least one year.

Student - Student membership is open to any person enrolled full-time or part-time, either a graduate or undergraduate, in a health education program.


  • Affiliation with national SOPHE
  • The latest information on health education research, program development, and evaluation
  • Opportunities to participate in legislative action and information
  • Scholarships
  • CHES continuing education provider
  • Opportunity to know other members who are active at local, state, national, and international levels


  • Sponsor or cosponsor an annual health education conference

  • Provide an AR SOPHE membership directory

  • Publish quarterly newsletter

  • Sponsor study sessions for CHES/CPHE exam


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