Executive Council

Kaye Murry, President
ADH-HHI Coordinator

Angela Dugger, Past President
ADH-Public Health Educator

Taniesha Richardson, Pres. Elect

Anna Haver, Vice-President
ADH-Public Health Educator

Barbie Brunner, Natíl Delegate
UAMS-Patient Education

Misty Paschall, Secretary
ADH-HHI Statewide Coordinator

Janie Gannaway, Treasurer
UAMS-Media Specialist

Kim Miller, Historian
ADH-Public Health Educator

Jennifer Goodman , Mbr at Large
ADH-Public Health Educator

Dana Smith, Member at Large
UAMS-Patient Education

Misty Smith, Member at Large
UAMS-Cancer Research Center

Marion Evans, Member at Large
ADH- Public Health Educator


President's Column
Kaye Murry, CHES


Dear ARSOPHE Members;

Thank you to everyone who helped with the booth at APHA. We made over $600.00 and signed up new ARSOPHE members; so it was definitely a success. I want to thank all of you that worked our "Most Wanted" booth. We gave honorary memberships to our "Most Wanted" friends who helped us raise this money for ARSOPHE so it was great Public Relations also. Our next AR. SOPHE meeting will be on Monday, August 12th. So mark your calendars.

Have a happy and safe summer!!

Kaye Murry

ARSOPHE President







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National Delegates Report

By Barbie Brunner, MEd, CHES

National Delegates Report

By Barbie Brunner, MEd, CHES

Are you a National SOPHE Member? If you are not a National SOPHE member, perhaps you have considered it or wondered why should I join National SOPHE? In either case, the following represents some benefits of National membership.

National membership benefits and services are designed to help you maximize your health education potential through:

  • Awards and scholarships

  • Job resource service

  • Networking opportunities

  • Continuing education

  • Reduced fees for Midyear and Annual meetings

  • Contact hours for CHES

  • Self-study videotapes and satellite teleconferences

  • Advocacy opportunities

  • Journal subscription to Health Education and Behavior and Health Promotion Practice

  • News and Views Newsletter

  • Seven SIGís (Special Interest Groups)

  • Seven SIGís (Special Interest Groups)

  • Professional Code of Ethics

I asked some Arkansas SOPHE members who are also National SOPHE members why they choose to hold a National membership and this is what they had to say: "Being a national member helps me bridge the gap between the local and national levels. By networking with National members, I know the latest information and can apply that to my local activities." Janie Gannaway, Media Specialist UAMS.

If you are interested in learning more, check out the National SOPHE website at or e-mail me at


As you may recall, AR SOPHE hired Jackie Henson of McKenna & Cuneo, law firm in Washington D.C. to assist AR SOPHE in applying for the 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.

Over the past several months AR SOPHE has been working with Jackie to gain the 501(c)(3) status. In an effort to gain the status several steps had to be accomplished prior to submitting the 501(c)(3) application.  The following steps were involved: (1) becoming incorporated; (2) apply for a tax identification number; and (3) completing the 501(c)(3) application.

As of mid-May, Arkansas SOPHE has completed the final step involved of the 501(c)(3) application. The application has been submitted to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for review and AR SOPHE should hear back from the IRS within the next 2 - 6 months.

After the IRS reviews the application, they will either (1) ask for more information; (2) approve the application and recognize AR SOPHE as exempt under Section 501(c)(3); or (3) disapprove the application.

If the IRS disapproves the application, Jackie Henson will help AR SOPHE challenge the IRS rejection. In several cases involving SOPHE chapters, the initial application has been disapproved. In those cases, Jackie has challenged the IRS rejection via a subsequent letter and in every single case, Jackie has won and the SOPHE chapter received the 501(c)(3) status.

A huge thank you goes out to Kaye Murry, Barbie Brunner, and Janie Gannaway for their assistance in this matter. I couldn't have done it with out you! As information becomes available from the IRS regarding the 501(c)(3) status, I will keep you posted. 


Deedra D. Smith, MS, CHES

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Randy Frazier Speaks at APHA

APHAís 54th Annual Convention May 1-3rd, 2002, at the Hot Springs Convention Center hosted Arkansan, Randy Frazier, as featured speaker for AR SOPHE and the Social Workers. His presentation titles were: "You Can Keep the ChangeÖ" which focused on the changing culture of our work places & "Culture Conflict and Communication" gave audience members insight on the infinite variety of cultures and subcultures that we encountered each day in our professional and private lives.

Randyís dynamic and interactive style kept conference participants on their toes all day. Both sessions were well attended by conference participants from all professions. CEUís were available for Social Workers and Health Educators only.

Randy has become a favorite at APHA over the years. He has addressed several different professional sessions in the last several years and everyone seemed to know him and anticipate a wonderful presentation. Randy didnít disappoint, he delivered both presentations with his signature flare and style.

To contact Randy regarding a speaking engagement, go to his web site .

By Barbie Brunner

What is CDCynergy? Itís an innovative multimedia based communication planning tool, delivered via CD-ROM thatís intended to systematically train public health professionals in designing health interventions within a public health framework. This planning tool is appropriate for public health professionals working in government and non-government organizations, in domestic or international settings. On May 31, 2002 the first CDCynergy training was held in Little Rock to train Arkansas SOPHEís Executive Committee in using the program. The CDCynergy curriculum training, facilitated by Dr. Jacquie Rainey, included the use of a template for creating a health communication plan, examples of real public health interventions, glossary of health communication terminology, and resources useful for developing and evaluating communication plans.

The CDCynergy workshop provided the opportunity for the Arkansas SOPHE Executive Committee to gain a better understanding of the program and taught us how to navigate through the CD-ROM. It also provided an overview of the health communication content, and allowed us the chance to use the multi-media resources available in the CD-ROM. The training was interactive and fun. A huge thank you to Dr. Rainey for her willingness to train us so that we can promote the program. Watch for the upcoming announcement about additional trainings with CDCynergy.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact Barbie Brunner at

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In an effort to build on the popularity of last yearís booth, SOPHE members decided once again to sponsor the "10 Most Wanted in Public Health" as a fund raiser during the APHA conference. Through Tshirt sales and donations, the booth raised $655.00 for ARSOPHE.

Arkansas Department of Health colleagues from across the state joined in the money raising effort and had their "wanted" photos taken, while decked out in orange jumpsuits. Some "criminals" truly looked the part by showing their scowling faces and dangling cigarettes; one was even behind bars!

Every person who donated a dollar toward someoneís "bail" received a chance toward a color television or DVD player. Lydia Lowery, a Secretary II at the Arkansas Department of Health Southeast Region Office in Monticello, was able to get the prizes donated by the Wal-Mart Super Center in Monticello. Ten chances were also given to everyone who spent their money on the purchase of a SOPHE T-shirt.

Leading the way this year by lending their "mugs" for the 10 Most Wanted were David Rath, Alma Desio, James Duffy, Sara Eichmann, Rita Hill, Robert Thomas, Arlene Rose, Joanne Jones, Marty Chambers and Hazel Mabry.

Thanks to everyone who helped out with the project by participating, taking the photos or at the booth!

Debbie Campbell, formerly the Health Education Supervisor for the Diabetes Education Program recently accepted the position as Arthritis Program Leader for ADH and working closely with the Arthritis Foundation, Arkansas Chapter as well as other partners. The Arkansas Arthritis  Program (AAP) is in the process of implementing an Arthritis State Plan based on the National Arthritis Plan with an Arkansas-based need. The focus of the AAP will be generated toward Ouality of Life (QOL) for those affected by arthritis and other rheumatic conditions. Our immediate efforts will be to enhance programs that currently exist, such as the Aquatic and PACE (People With Arthritis Can Exercise) programs. These are programs that are evidence -based and assist in bringing QOL to people with arthritis and other rheumatic conditions.

Tommy Piggee, a former Health Educator. Tommy is leaving ADH to pursue a PhD at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. He is currently statewide Services, Group Leader for Infectious Disease and has previously done an outstanding job as "Assistant Director" for the Chronic Disease Group. Tommy's last day with ADH will be July 19, 2002.

Mary Ramey, MPH, MS, CHES, LRCP has recently been asked to speak at NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) National Convention in Cincinnati, June 25-27. She will be speaking about the state of mental health care in Arkansas. Mary has also recently finished an assessment focusing on the health needs/practices of Northwest Arkansasí growing Hispanic population. 

CEU Opportunities

August 1: Evaluation: Effective Prevention Practices

August 7: Exploring Ethics in the Prevention Field 2020

August 28: Innovations and Emerging Trends in the Field of Prevention

September 4: From RAVES to Rape

September 19: Advocacy: Leading the Nation Towards Change

October 1: Introduction to Grantwriting

October 2: Implementing the Principles of Effectiveness

October 8: Grantwriting Nuts and Bolts

October 30: CDCynergy

November 13: Prevention Resources Showcase

Times and locations vary.  Please contact Laura Vines at (501) 569- 8051 or for more information.

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Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to this monthís newsletter. Our next newsletter will go out in September/October. Please send any articles, information, or updates on SOPHE members to be placed in the newsletter to:




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The mission of the Arkansas SOPHE Chapter of the Society for Public Health Education is to promote, encourage and contribute to the advancement of the health of all people through education and to enhance professionalism through the standards of professional preparation and practice of health education.


  • To influence health policies and programs in which there should be identifiable health education component

  • To develop standards for the professional preparation and practice of health education

  • To encourage high quality practice through professional development, continuing education and training
  • To stimulate research in health education programs and methods, including evaluation
  • To assure that a mechanism for credentialing health educators exists and that it is used properly
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  • Affiliation with national SOPHE
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  • Scholarships
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  • Opportunity to know other members who are active at local, state, national, and international levels


  • Sponsor or cosponsor an annual health education conference

  • Provide an AR SOPHE membership directory

  • Publish quarterly newsletter

  • Sponsor study sessions for CHES/CPHE exam


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