Individual Membership 
Individual membership to Arkansas SOPHE is open to any professional with a graduate or undergraduate degree from a formal education program or a professional who is employed or functioning in a health education capacity or an individual with professional education and experience as a health educator, who has been employed in the health field for at least one year. 

Student Membership
Student membership is open to any person enrolled full-time or part-time, either a graduate or undergraduate, in a health education program.

  • Affiliation with national SOPHE. 
  • The latest information on health education research, program development, and evaluation. 
  • Opportunities to participate in legislative action and information. 
  • Scholarships. 
  • Discounted rates at AR SOPHE conferences and/or workshops.
  • Discounted rates on CHES hours at AR SOPHE continuing education opportunities.
  • AR SOPHE website and listserv with the latest information on health education issues and opportunities in Arkansas.
  • Opportunity to know other members who are active at local, state, national, and international levels. 

  • Sponsor or cosponsor an annual health education conference. 
  • Provide an AR SOPHE membership directory. 
  • Maintain and Arkansas SOPHE website and listserv.
  • Sponsor study sessions for CHES/CPHE exam. 

Membership Information

Membership Chair:
Mariska Jordan